Remodeling Your kitchen

Posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2016 in Kitchens, Lifestyle, Remodel.

A design/build expert has the expertise to not only create something new, but to take an existing situation and turn it into a masterpiece!  In order to love your kitchen, certain things must be true. Efficiency, function, beauty, storage, etc. all come together to make a kitchen grand – no matter the size or cost.  There is nothing I love more than to explore the current kitchen and then create 3 – 5 design options the homeowner never even knew could be possible.  Whether tearing down a wall,  removing bulkheads, or adding on a wing, there is always a way to improve what is there.

The one thing I caution homeowners on is patience.  You can’t undo and then recreate in a matter of a few weeks.  Careful consideration must be taken based on the construction integrity, finding out what is behind the walls, how level the floors are, and if the walls are square just to name a few.  Sometimes a job must come to a halt when something unforeseen appears.  It is better to weigh all the options rather than to automatically do the quickest fix.

For a successful remodel, communication is key along with working with a competent team.  There are several trades that must collaborate together and all work towards a common goal.  Homelife will coordinate all the trades if you would like and maintain a construction schedule for your peace of mind.   We have a sample binder showing you how this done for a small remodel project and also a large one.  Stop in anytime and we’ll be happy to show you our process.