Experts in creating spaces and passionate about enhancing lifestyles. Homelife is a full service design team and offers a unique client proposition.  Your project starts here, stays here, and is managed from inception to completion with the same people you meet on Day 1.

Your team, the Homelife team, is here to guide, assist, and orchestrate the smallest details and celebrate the grand finale.   What makes Homelife unique?  A High Tech Design Studio in Ada, Michigan specifically being created to address all aspects of design.  Wood species, color palettes, door styles, molding options, countertop samples and more, all efficiently housed in our space dedicated to making the selection process easier and less overwhelming.  If there is a selection to be made, we have the tools available to pinpoint your desires and incorporate them into your design.

Homelife offers a showroom full of ideas showcasing the classics as well as the upcoming trends in all styles, shapes, and colors.  No matter the room you want to conquer or the dreams that are so close to reality, Homelife has the expertise, the resources, and the desire to create the spaces, inside and out, and enhance your lifestyle.